High Five Cannes Lions

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Legendary. 4 Bronze & 1 Silver Lion at Cannes for Heineken's - The Legendary Posters. A project done in collaboration with the talented team at W+K Amsterdam. But most important, we helped Reporters without Borders in their mission. High Five!

Uploaded by StarcomNL on 2014-07-08.

OFFF Show us your type Barcelona 2013

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This poster was hand-crafted.

It reads: " OFFF Show us your type Barcelona 2013"

This poster was made in collaboration with Elise Luttik for "Show us your type" Exhibition in OFFF Barcelona 2013 and aims to create awareness and celebrate the relevance of this beautiful type which is a essential way of communication for those speakless people.

SHOW US YOUR TYPE is a project about type and cities, which provides a creative platform for designers to share their talents and explore cities from a different perspective.

Awards vs Rewards

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It's that time of the year. A time for reflection.
Awards or Rewards, what matters most?


Awards are made of heavy, shiny metals.
Rewards are made of uplifting feelings.
Awards come from shortlists.
Rewards come from wishlists.
Awards call us to a stage, in front of an industry audience.
Rewards bring us back to reality, in front of an authentic audience.
Awards help business.
Rewards help society.
Awards make us famous.
Rewards make us human.
Awards foster competition.
Rewards create good karma.
While awards are granted, rewards are ours to seize. Let’s get out there and make something meaningful. The universe would appreciate it, and so will our soul.

OFFF day 2 - Karlssonwilker

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Based in NY, Karlssonwilker showed some interesting projects like the Urban visual recording machine, where they recorded audio and visual elements of NY, and convert that elements into a book cover for the Creative Time.

Also funny to see how they were
treated like stars in a early project for Serbia.

The afternoon continues @OFFFest