High Five Cannes Lions

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Legendary. 4 Bronze & 1 Silver Lion at Cannes for Heineken's - The Legendary Posters. A project done in collaboration with the talented team at W+K Amsterdam. But most important, we helped Reporters without Borders in their mission. High Five!

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OFFF Show us your type Barcelona 2013

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This poster was hand-crafted.

It reads: " OFFF Show us your type Barcelona 2013"

This poster was made in collaboration with Elise Luttik for "Show us your type" Exhibition in OFFF Barcelona 2013 and aims to create awareness and celebrate the relevance of this beautiful type which is a essential way of communication for those speakless people.

SHOW US YOUR TYPE is a project about type and cities, which provides a creative platform for designers to share their talents and explore cities from a different perspective.

Awards vs Rewards

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It's that time of the year. A time for reflection.
Awards or Rewards, what matters most?


Awards are made of heavy, shiny metals.
Rewards are made of uplifting feelings.
Awards come from shortlists.
Rewards come from wishlists.
Awards call us to a stage, in front of an industry audience.
Rewards bring us back to reality, in front of an authentic audience.
Awards help business.
Rewards help society.
Awards make us famous.
Rewards make us human.
Awards foster competition.
Rewards create good karma.
While awards are granted, rewards are ours to seize. Let’s get out there and make something meaningful. The universe would appreciate it, and so will our soul.

OFFF day 2 - Karlssonwilker

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Based in NY, Karlssonwilker showed some interesting projects like the Urban visual recording machine, where they recorded audio and visual elements of NY, and convert that elements into a book cover for the Creative Time.

Also funny to see how they were
treated like stars in a early project for Serbia.

The afternoon continues @OFFFest


OFFF Barcelona day one

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It's that time of the year when amazing digital artists get together in the bright city of Barcelona to feed the future in this epic festival called OFFF ( 3 f's )

Slowly attendees arrived to the venue, and soon an exciting audience was ready to be inspired. 

Local studio Vasava made one of the introductions explaining the evolvement with animals in the artworks and the creators of the open tittles Ms.Take carry on improvising in a musical way.

Sweet detail in the open tittles, where the names of all the attendees appear in the credits. 

Adobe presented the potential of the creative cloud, and reveal some new features like the new shake tool in Photoshop. A little thing that simply transforms your shaking photos into normal photos. 

The founder of Behance clarify the easy connection with the Creative Cloud and talked about a  new feature that allows you to share your designs that are work in progress. 

Vasava showing a timelapse of the adobe max logo creation. From sketch to final design, and how they bring Jordi Labanda illustrations to life.

Alfredo from North Kingdom took the stage, starting with the epic project get the glass to celebrate the 10th annyversary of NK.

 Learn through exploration was a good advice, and how a period of emptiness, could be converted into something fruitful. Taking the time to learn new technologies or simply do what you really love.

He finished his presentation with the edgy projects of and Only the Liberation, one of the first interactive films integrating Pinterest.

Delightful Atipo presentation with the beauty and rhythm of typography.

Cocolab from mexico inspired by nature, people, culture and structure using collaboration as their primary tool, showing great projects like "Disarm" in collaboration with Pedro Reyes building interactive instruments from old weapons.

Claudio Guglieri and Roger Pala from B-Reel presented some awesome and well known projects, like the Web Lab, Mind Scalextric and talked about the importance of finding a purpose to lab projects, and treat it as real projects, even if there's not a client brief.

Finally they get in detail in the newish project "Escape Flight" and how they humanize search with the respective userflow. 

Barcelona developers, they are hiring ;)

Santiago Ortiz and his obsession to organize and visualize information talked about The 6 months project, and his extense to do list.

We all loved his 3 S's theory of what humans really want:

Sugar, sex and stories.

Make sure you visit his personal selection of great visualization projects: Life, the Universe and Everything

Dvein finally reveals the inspiration for their name: Pantera. Yes, the metal band!

They love to match landscapes with old people...

The mountains are old, the faces are old...why not combine the two?!

They are brilliant and "Son of a pitch" as they descrive themselves and written in their shirts.

The well-dressed Jessica Walsh show some guts in a impressive presentation.

She talked about how to break the boundaries between work and play.

Now is better, so Keep playing. And finished with these 2 sentences:

" The key trait from the most successful creative thinkers is persistence. The persistence to fail."

" Be fearless. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable."

What a inspiring day 1!

What Design can do!

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What Design Can Do celebrates the power of design and its problem-solving abilities. This two-day event in Amsterdam exposes design as a catalyst of change and renewal and a way of addressing the societal questions of our time. 

More info: