Sustainability Design Sprint

Sustainability is not an option. It is the only way we can follow to create a better future for everyone. It is time to think on how we can be more sustainable and take an action about it.


This design sprint is targeted to identify opportunities to be more sustainable inside your company or business. Besides, the prototypes follow the standards necessary to create and teach effective ways to give a positive impact on the world.

Day 1 Be more sustainable for me and for the others

  • Define the goals of the Sprint
  • Understand the Sprint and the Users
  • Education towards the technology

Day 2 Ideation with Sketching

  • Be inspired by nature
  • Biomimicry and Sketch
  • How to prototype for sustainability and success

Day 3 Minimum Sustainable Viable Product (mSvp)

  • How the nature does?
  • User flow and diagram
  • Recruiting and wrap up

Day 4 Interview users and where to go next and why

  • How to interview the user
  • User evaluation and reflection
  • How can this benefit the company and the world?

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