UX Boutique in the Heart of Amsterdam.

We research, design & develop meaningful digital products for AI, Blockchain, Sustainability & Healthcare startups.


TQ is our HQ

Singel 542, 1017 AZ Amsterdam


Designing with a human-centered approach, a global perspective, and an innovative touch.

Together with our international network of digital nomads and in collaboration with innovative startups, studios & brands we research, create, prototype, design, iterate, validate, develop and deliver useful solutions. 

We particularly like to use design & technology to facilitate Human interaction, to improve people's lives and to contribute to the future we deserve. 



We use Hyper Island and Ideo Design thinking methodologies to discover Human needs.

All in all we create meaning through Design & Innovation.


Recently we were humbled to be shortlisted at (lxDA) Interaction Awards 2016 alongside other prestigious Experience Design Studios such as Cooper, Frogdesign, Ideo, Ustwo, R/GA, Method, Tellart and Veryday.

We travelled the world to explore the practices of successful innovation leaders, visionaries and teams from the most inventive companies worldwide such as Facebook, Nest, Spotify, Lyft, Google, Ueno, Ustwo, Fantasy to learn how best to design future products and services meeting the unrealised needs of people. 



Learning how best to design future products and services meeting the unrealised needs of people.

Little Nice Things Services

User Research
User Experience Design
Service Design
Innovation bootcamps
Workshop facilitation
Digital Strategy
Interaction Design

User Interface Design
Product Design
Visual Design
Motion Design

Corporate Sites
UX & UI for AI
Design Thinking
Speculative Design
Design Fiction


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Little Nice Things Dream Projects

User experience of the Mars Exploration
Automotive UI Design for Tesla autonomous electric vehicle
Design jam to address climate change
DNA teleporter
Service Design for a global common system, eliminating the concept of nations.
Design guidelines for a more Humane & ethic use of AI
Workshop facilitation to explore opportunity areas with the progress of AI
User Experience of brain-machine interfaces
Design landing page of
Redesign personal site of Neil deGrasse Tyson


Little Nice Things is registered in The Netherlands VAT NL781915053B02 | KVK 58534873