Duolir, books with subtitles.

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In collaboration with the talented Giwan Persaud, Little Nice Things contributed to the creation of this brand which we called Duolir.

Duolir is an app for iPhone & iPad that allows you to read with subtitles. Merging the pleasure of reading a book with the convenience of learning a new language.

Simply tap in one paragraph to read in another language. 

The app was carefully crafted, so the translation doesn’t come from an automatic source, instead you will always find the author’s real interpretation. 

As a plus, independent Bilingual authors can also create their own books and sell on Duolir.

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Web Summit 2014

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Was truly an honour to exhibit in the Alpha Program and speak on the People's Stage.
Fun and inspiring 3 days. Too short to meet personally 22 000 people in Dublin.

The future looked a little closer. 

From smart homes to smart watches, from wearables to Internet of Things, from Virtual Reality to tasty food made by plants.
We saw it all.

From Hackers to Founders, CEO’s to volunteers.
Startups, investors and journalists following and running away from each other.
Was a real game played with business cards.

We were inspired by ideas that promote a collaborative society and especially economy.

Where the question most heard was: How do you monetize?
And the question less heard: How do you humanize?

Slow Wifi resulted in fast serendipity. Yes, real human interaction.

We had great celebrities like Bono, Tony Hawk and the massively photographed Eva Longoria.
But we also had colourful sheeps.

Lisbon’s Codacy won the Coca-Cola Pitch Competition.
But we all preferred to drink coffee or Guiness.

All the startups seem to have a common goal:
Facilitate people’s lives, ( and meet some nice investors on the way ).

Here, to the brightest minds of our planet.
The innovators.

High Five Cannes Lions

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Legendary. 4 Bronze & 1 Silver Lion at Cannes for Heineken's - The Legendary Posters. A project done in collaboration with the talented team at W+K Amsterdam. But most important, we helped Reporters without Borders in their mission. High Five!

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