Rent eco-friendly boats & yachts. Electric, wind or solar-powered.

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With the rise of the collaborative economy became easier then ever to get on a boat. Any boat. In some way is great to see our canals, rivers and oceans full of boats. But at the same time, the more motor boats we have on the water, more polluted it becomes. 

Luckily, there are alternatives to motor boats, but for some reason they are not having the attention they deserve.

Therefore, we are on a mission to promote the rental of eco-friendly boats & yachts. Electric, wind or solar-powered, with our new marketplace.
And also promote ecotourism experiences such as Dolphins & Bird watching, etc.

Triggered by the issue of global warming we want to contribute towards a healthier and eco-friendly planet.

By renting 100% green boats, we aim to eliminate fuel costs/noise/smell and exhaust fumes. 
We want to give people the opportunity to experience sustainable technology hands on. 
We can all have fun without harming the environment. Calmness, that’s what we all need.

Here, to a sustainable future. Let’s make the world great again.

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