Interaction Design Tools

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Prototype like a wizard

Here we are in mid 2015, and the world of interaction design tools keeps in agile mode, with more and more players in the scene.

We have been using static design tools that don’t necessarily represent the world around us and the devices we use. The world around us is in motion, and the progressive Experience Designer feels the need to replicate that flux in his digital projects. There’s a need to simulate transitional interfaces, the same way life flows organically from event to event.

Pen and paper might be a good starting point to get your ideas out quickly, but when you want to take things to the next level you will need interactive prototype tools.

Here comes the pain point, with an ocean of new design and prototype tools ( Invision, Marvel, Flinto, Form, Origami, Pixate, Framer JS, Atomic, ... ) which one should designers choose?

Here, an overview of the most popular ones, on Medium