Blockchain Design Sprint

Blockchain allows direct transactions between people based on technological trust. It make trades easier without needing mediums or the final result


It uses cryptography to encode the transactions. And it is about any asset which can be traded, from solar energy to bitcoins. It is a new technology worth of exploring and creating innovation with. We can help you to do that.

Day 1 What the *** is blockchain and where I use it?

  • Cases of use and experts on Blockchain talk
  • How can we use blockchain
  • Feasibility and understanding of the technology

Day 2 Ideation with Sketching

  • Everyone can create
  • Engineering without being an engineer
  • Back and front end user flow

Day 3 Conceptualize with a prototype

  • User flow and diagram
  • Recruiting and wrap up
  • Study of the feasibility of the concept

Day 4 Interview users and where to go next and why

  • How to interview over blockchain
  • Interviewing Blockchain experts and noobs
  • Where to go next and feasibility

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