AI Design Sprint

The AI Design Sprint generates a clear direction and trajectory to be followed by the whole team in 4 days with real feedback from the final user.


During the AI Design Sprint, as a team, we map the customer, elucidate the possible trajectories, opportunities and where we can generate a solution for, create the solution (in hi-fi prototype) and then move to interview the customers to evaluate the current outcome. 

Day 1 Understand the user and the technology

  • Define the goals of the Sprint
  • Understand the Sprint and the Users
  • Education towards the technology

Day 2 Ideation with Sketching

  • Everyone can sketch
  • Everyone can design and engineer (with us)
  • Decide the prototype flow

Day 3 Learn by doing with prototypes

  • Prototype
  • User flow and diagram
  • Recruiting and wrap up

Day 4 Learn by doing with prototypes

  • How to interview the user
  • User evaluation and reflection
  • Where to go next

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